Bobbi Maxwell’s Bio

Bobbi Maxwell’s Bio 2017-10-26T05:46:12+00:00

Bobbi Maxwell broke into voice over and voice acting work very early in life. Starting at around age ten, she would pretend to be an announcer and read everything from shampoo bottles to cereal packages in her announcer voice. The attraction to voice over never left her, and Bobbi is now committed to this work as a full-time career.

To maintain the quality and expertise of her voice over work, Bobbi continually gets coaching and attends conventions, workshops, and online webinars run by some of the best voice over pros in the industry including Joe Cipriano, Kate McClanaghan, J. Michael Collins, Jodi Gottlieb and more. She’s also taken local improv classes and various communication classes at the Miami University of Ohio.

Being a mom of two daughters and one son is what Bobbi says keeps her versatility and energy in high gear for both her voice work and her personal life. She’s an avid sports fan, pet-lover, gardener, and enjoys all types of music, which she developed during her radio years.

When possible, she loves to travel the world —always taking her mobile voice over gear on the road so she can stay on top of assignments as needed!

Bobbi is a member in good standing of WoVO, the World Voices Organization, Inc.