About Bobbi Maxwell Voiceovers

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Versatile Voiceover Expertise For Any Market

Bobbi Maxwell can provide almost anything a client needs for voiceover and voice actor work, and her fresh, up-beat voice is perfect for attracting attention in any market space.

She describes her tone as both professional and playful, and clients have praised her vocal abilities.

  • Friendly

  • Conversational

  • Caring

  • Energetic

  • Knowledgeable

  • Confident

  • Honest

Her proven skills, ability to take direction, and commitment to client satisfaction have landed her work with many prestigious clients including Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, and more.

A fully-equipped, Source Connect studio gets work completed professionally, on-time, and to spec with high-end equipment that includes:

  • Sennheiser 416

  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

  • Heil PR 40

  • Source Connect / Source Connect Now

  • Adobe Audition

  • Windows 7 PC

  • Phone Patch

  • Skype

Recording can also be done at the client’s site if requested, and Bobbi has access to a local ISDN studio when required.

What Clients Say

“We’ve worked with Bobbi many times over the years and she’s never disappointed”
Matthew Wilson, Knoodle
“Bobbi did a great job on this project for us! Very professional, quick turnaround – just the sound we were looking for!”
Kris Martinez, Martinez Creative Group
“Bobbi’s work is perfect every time. We have used her talent three times now and everyone has been very happy with her work. Highly recommend”
Steve Boggs, E-MetroTel
“Excellent voice and a quick response. The perfect professional. Thank you”
Michael Cerny, Mechaniks

Talent, Experience, and Versatility—All In One Package

Successfully market your message to current and potential clients with the help of a versatile voice over professional. Contact Bobbi Maxwell today!

+1 (513) 207-7321